USF MSC Event & Meeting Services

Welcome to the MSC Event and Meeting Services: Virtual EMS!

IMPORTANT!! Please follow the steps below before making a reservation:

Step 1: Review general EMS Guidelines and Procedures > Student Organizations - University Departments & University Sponsored

Step 2: Student Organizations must email a filled out Accountable Officer Form to before requesting space.

Step 3: Request a Log-in ID > Click on "My Account" in the toolbar above and select the "Request an ID" option.
*Note: Once a request is made for a log-in id, it will take 72 hours to process the request. You will receive an email notification once your request has been processed.

Step 4: Log in to Virtual EMS > Click on "My Account" in the toolbar above and select the "Log In" option.

Step 5: Submit your request > Click on "Reservations" in the toolbar above and select the "Room Request" option.

If you need additional assistance, please contact your Reservationist for assistance at 813-974-5213. If you have comments or issues with Virutal EMS, please submit feedback via our online form.

Event & Meeting Services
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